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you are struggling to build a WiFi network with enough oomph to stream video;


you have a pile of data from different sources that needs to be made into a useable database


your IT system is a patchwork of quick fixes and bandaids so old you can’t remember them


your website has gotten out of control and needs a facelift


you need Seven Layer Studio.

We specialise in fixing IT messes.

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Hiratsuka 1577-2, Kamogawa, Chiba 296-0232 Japan

Tod McQuillin

Tod McQuillin


29 years Unix system administration
26 years perl
30 years C/C++
29 years TCP/IP networking

Founded an ISP in 1991.

Specialties: Fluent in Perl, C, C++, SQL.
Expert Unix system administrator.
Deep knowledge of TCP/IP networking.
Proficient in Japanese 

Kristen McQuillin

Kristen McQuillin


I love to make things beautiful and easy to understand.

My strength is abstracting complex topics into easily understood communication whether that is words or images.

Generalities: graphic and web design, illustration, logos, training, writing and editing.