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Seven Layer Studio

 30 years’ experience in system architecture, networking, and database design

with additional services in project management, branding, and business consulting.

We’ve been there; we can help.


What We Do

Network Design & Implementation

Wide area WiFi, hardware, security. Let's connect.



For data big, small, or complex, we organise it into meaningful structures & reports.


System Architecture

When years of quick fixes leave you with a patched-together mess, call us.



We’ve been around and seen it all. When you’re stuck, we can get moving forward again.


Project Management

Don’t know how to set deadlines and stick to them? We do.

Web & Branding

Need help looking great without going over time and budget? Yes, we do that, too.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Choose Seven Layer when you need expert solutions delivered on time by skilled and experienced professionals. We find the simplest path where others overcomplicate and throw chaff at you.

 And we won’t leave you scratching your head, wondering what we did to fix your network or design your brand. We report clearly and offer training for you and your staff.

We love the old saying “Cheap, fast, and good: pick two.” With Seven Layer, you get fast and good. We aren’t cheap. Services start at $300/hour and cover the entire team needed for your project.

We Design Your IT Infrastructure So You Can Focus On Your Business

Your industry expertise is your business. Your networking infrastructure, data design, and branding are our business.

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Seven Layers. One Mission.

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    big picture solutions

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    We keep irregular hours. We’ll respond quickly and work when you need us.